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Apostles offers many unique opportunities that enhance the gifts of each child and connect to our community.

  • Music and Arts
  • Academic Activities
  • Athletics



  • Each year Apostles showcases two dramatic performances. All students have the opportunity to participate.


  • Apostles offers two school choirs - Children's choir for grades 1-3, and Jr. Choir for grades 4-8. 
  • Apostles students are regularly involved in the music of our worship services at church and school.

Piano Lessons

  • Students in grades 3-8 may take piano lessons during the school day.

Instrumental Band

  • Students in grades 3-8 may take instrumental band lessons during the school day.

Academic Fairs

  • Students participate in social studies and science fairs in alternating years.

Chess Club


  • During the spring of each year Apostles offers a 6 week training session in programming Legos NXT Robotics.
  • Open to students in grades 1-8. Click Here for more information.

Academic Competition

  • Apostles students in grades 1-8 compete in a Spelling Bee and Quiz Bowl with our fellow WELS schools in Northern California in alternating years. 
  • Our middle school students compete in the National Geography and National History Bees. 
  • Our students in grades 6-8 compete in Meet Math, a math competition among WELS schools across the nation.  
  • Our students in grades 5-8 compete in Mathmania, an intramural math competition througout the school year. 


  • An intramural program for students in our elementary grades to learn the foundational athletic skills before competing in interscholastic sports. 

Interscholastic Sports

  • Competitive interscholastics teams in flag-football, volleyball, basketball and track. 

The activities at Apostles focus on educating the whole child and providing unique opportunities to grow in varied ways.