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Robotics Camps

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2014 Robotics Programs:

  1. We Do Robotics (ages 5-10) - Spring Break: M-F, April 21-25, 2014
  2. Mindstorms NXT Robotics (ages 7-13) - After School on Fridays: April 18, May 2,16,23,30, 2014 (not April 25 or May 9)
  3. Summer Robotics Camps: Save the Dates: July 14-18, 21-25, 2014
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We Do Robotics Camp

Date: Spring Break: M-F, April 21-25, 2014

Time: 9am - 12pm

Cost: $150

Who: Students ages 5 - 10, maximum 16 students

Location: Science Lab, Apostles Lutheran School

Students will use LEGO WeDo Robotics sets to make colorful creations such as airplanes and lions, cars and ferris wheels which can be programmed to move and make sounds. They will program using a visual, icon-based system based on LabView. They will explore simple principles of physics and engineering such as levers, pulleys, wheels and gears.

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Mindstorms NXT Robotics Camp

Dates:Fridays - April 18, May 2,16,23,30, 2014 (not April 25 or May 9)

Time: 3:15 – 5:00 pm

Cost: $80

Who: Students ages 7 - 13

Location: Science Lab, Apostles Lutheran School

Class size: 12 maximum (one brick per student)

Students will use LEGO Mindstorms NXT Robotics kits to create robots such as animals, crabs, and other robots that combine movement and sensor programming. Students will be working at their individual levels and may choose to do WeDo instead of Mindstorms. Students will also have the opportunity to try out some of our new Green components, such as solar panels and generators.

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Who can sign up for WeDo Robotics?
Any student who meets the age requirement is welcome to enroll. Students from Apostles School, local elementary schools and homeschooled students are all welcome.

Is any previous robotics experience required to enroll in Apostles Robotics Camps?
No previous experience is required for any of these camps, but younger students might prefer to have had some robotics experience before enrollling in the Zoo Robotics or Mayan Adventure Robotics camps.

Will my daughter like robotics?
Both girls and boys enjoy robotics. Apostles School has Robotics classes each winter and spring and both girls and boys sign up. We do have some LEGO pieces that girls enjoy, including pink, purple and other interesting colors.

Who can sign up for WeDo or Mindstorms Robotics?
Any student who is currently entering the correct grade for the camp may sign up. Students from Apostles School, local elementary schools and homeschooled students are all welcome.

Where will the Robotics Camps be located?
They will be taught in the Science Lab at Apostles Lutheran School (5828 Santa Teresa Ave, 95123). The Science Lab is upstairs in the building closest to Santa Teresa Ave, on the end of the school opposite the school office.

Who will teach the Robotics Camps?
Mrs. Catherine Albrecht will teach the camps. She has taught Robotics at Apostles for 6 years and has an advanced degree in Physical Chemistry from Stanford.

Will my child need to be able to sit still and pay attention for the whole time?
No! These camps are for children who like to create and build. Teaching is done one-on-one as the student creates the robots. Students are free to move around for the entire class in order to find their parts and program and test their robots.

Is a snack or lunch supplied?
No. Students will bring a snack for the WeDo camp. Students may bring drinks and a water bottle if you like. There are drinking fountains in the classroom and by the restrooms.

Are parents allowed to observe?
Parents and grandparents may join us in the camp at any time, but are particularly welcome near the pickup time since the students LOVE to show off their working robots to parents and siblings.

What if my child tries Robotics and decides that he/she does not like it after the first day?
We will refund the camp fee if your child does not like camp after the first day. We will not refund camp fees if your child attends for more than one day.

Does my child get to take home a LEGO robotics set at the end of camp?
Unfortunately, no. The sets are expensive and require extra software. If you child loves robotics, you can buy one of these sets for them at the LEGO Education Website. The WeDo sets are $130 each and the software is extra. The Mindstorms NXT sets are about $350 and also require extra software.

My child cannot read well yet.
Do they need to be able to read to do the WeDo Robotics camp?

No. Reading is not required for the WeDo Robotics camp. The software is icon-based (LabView) and intuitive. The construction diagrams do not have any words at all!

What is the difference between the We Do Robotics and Mindstorms Camps?
Both will use the LEGO Mindstorms NXT robotics sets and do programming, but the Mindstorms will have more advanced programming and more use of the sensors. Students may sign up for either or both camps.

How does the multichild/camp discount work?
If you have 2 children who attend camp, then one of the camps will be discounted by $25. If you have a single child who attends 2 camps then their second camp is discounted by $25.

How do I contact someone with a question which is not on this list?
Email Catherine at <> or call Apostles School at 408-578-4800.